IDK what this is about. IDK how to start a poem out. IDK if this is the scholarship for me. But IDK if that really matters see.
I came across this page of Power Poetry, not knowing if I could do it. Not knowing if my poetry writing skills were good enough.
After all, IDK if I have any type of creative self expression.
So as I pondered on thought of whether or not to give this a shot, I realized that poetry isn't just "trying to be creative"
It's just expression. That's all.
So that's what I did. I "expressed".
But then as I "expressed" I realized IDK what to "express" myself about.
Was it going to be about the hardships I am facing?
Nah. I'm pretty blessed to have a lot of love around me.
Was it going to be about my financial struggles?
Nope. Too boring.
Then I thought, IDK what to do. Who am I trying to kid? I'm no poet.
Almost hitting the red X in the top right corner, I was giving up until it hit me.
IDK became IDK...

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