What was the best thing before sliced bread?

And during essay writings, why should I hit a nail on its head?

I hope we always feel under the weather,

‘Cause we’re all together

On the ground.

We see eye to eye,

And the clouds?

They’re up in the sky!

And it’s weird to think I can be on the ball when I’m taking a test,

There’s a method to my madness I’m trying my best.

“Elvis has left the building”

You guys didn’t know?

Elvis left his last building like 40 years ago.

And I don’t get it,

Does anybody really have thunder to steal?

Or is it just my friend’s instead have the ability to cartwheel?

Hearing straight from the horse’s mouth doesn’t seem like a better idea than Edison’s,

Maybe first the horse should have a taste of his own breath-fixing medicine,

Oh and speak of the Devil! He’s so fake, like a counterfeit,

Oh wait, aren’t you the Devil’s Advocate?

And maybe this whole poem is a blessing in disguise

Just maybe, maybe it’s a sign

Or not, I don’t know, your guess is as good as mine

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Our world
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