Who am I?
The blank face in the mirror doesn’t know.
Where do I go?
Only the lonely road beckons me forward.
Why can’t I get this right?
The voices, they scream in my head.
Will I ever be free of my confining cage?
Only my actions will pave the way.

So long indecision,
I can see the path so clear.
I am drowning out the noise.
Now the voice I hear is my own.
No longer lost or frightened.
I know where I must go.
Guided by the hope of tomorrow,
My head is held on high.

Who am I?
Someone who’s no longer afraid.
What am I?
A girl who will persevere.
What will I do?
Follow my dreams and watch them soar.
Where will I go?
Only time and I will tell.


Sometimes it's hard to know who we are or who we want to be, but all we need is courage and a nudge in the right direction.

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