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I am the face of hard work and sorrow
Yeah a face that others have filled of horror
I am the face of the wanted person on the news
But look at me,really look, Can you see my bruise?
Can you see my perseverance and endurance? Can you see the pain
and my broken old train the one that I have inherited from my ancestors
Yeah those that have been labeled with criminal records.
I am the face of power and strength,
A humble face mixed by the colors of the world
A face that’s seventeen but old.
A face with many wrinkles and stories
Stories of those that built pyramids,Machu Picchu, and those that work on farms,
those with disjointed arms.
Puppets! Just look! They’re all around you dammit.
I am the arms with open veins
arms that have been filled of hate and crucial pain.
I am the legs of those that can no longer walk
for all has been drained out.
I am the heart of those who have passed
those that in this crucial world could not last.
Those whose rights have been stripped away
of those that are no longer allowed to stay.
I am the hands of the honest and caring,
the ones that are bold and extremely daring.
I am the body of a sacrifice,a sacrifice of family,home, and even life.
I am the face of Mario,Pedro,Juanita, Marina.
I am the face of a proud, powerful Latina.

Madelyne Y. Montes


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