The Ideal Woman

From a young age,

Girls were taught to be pretty.
To be respectable;
Don't talk while others are talking.
Always ask if someone needs help.
Make sure you keep yourself clean.
No one wants someone who is dirty.
Don't smoke; don't drink.
No such desires should ever cross your mind; that's what men do.
No pants; just dresses.
Short enough to catch his eye, but long enough to be respectable to others.
Stupid rules that mothers have carried to their daughters for years; 
Repeating this never ending cycle of what you have to do to be a woman.
However, the most important rule to being a woman is to obtain a man.
Chin up, lipstick on
Smile white, clothes curvy,
On your knees, wash his feet
Cook his dinner, clean his kitchen
Fuck him hard, have his babies
Take care of his babies, raise his babies
Clean the house, open your legs
Prepare the way.
To keep a man, you must please a man.
At least that's what they say.
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