I'd Rather Had You


I was just five 

cake in front of me waiting for you to arrive.

Mom gave me the birthday cards 

One from dad sending his regards.


"Sorry I couldn't be there

I got some papers to go through

I know it's not fair

hope this 50 dollars will do."


In the hospital, all my loved ones around

but you're no where to be found.

Your sorry you wish you could make it but you can't 

instead you send pictures of Ulysses S. Grant.


It's 8th grade graduation

Your response is "you're growing up, aw shucks

I'm sending my congratulation 

Sorry I'm not there but here's a hundred bucks."


I make it on Team USA 

"Good job" that's your reaction

I don't know who to be thanking you or Andrew Jackson

it doesn't matter anyway 


Your round face started to fade 

until a rectangular shape was portrayed.

Your pale skin morphed into a green

half the time you weren't even clean. 


I'm not trying to make you mad

I just hope you can understand dad

I wish i could undo 

that money replaced you. 


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