I'd Rather Be Me

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 19:33 -- JadaKai

Cliques, Social norms,

Social acceptability, 

Social Anything!


Girl Code, Guy Code,

"invisible" rules that

only complicate things.


Teens vs. Adults;

A society driven by

constant rivalry.


Arguments over who's

good looking and

what's the best song.


Do these people not

understand that 

America is diverse?


No one else

has a say in



I have removed

myself from the

trap of society.


"No one does that anymore"

and "This is in" go in one

ear and you know the rest.


Give me a t-shirt and

pants (matching not 

required) and I'm fine.


I'm not on this Earth

for an audience to 

observe my "style."


I prefer to call "hashtag"

the number sign as well as

call the "Willis Tower"

the "Sears Tower."


I'm not going to change

to follow a crowd I don't

want to be around.


I'm perfectly fine

with my own beliefs

and my fortress of solitude.


I'd rather be free 

than stuck in a cage

for the sake of pleasing others.




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