I.D. Me

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 23:46 -- ChiRho
Come in, let me introduce myself
No, don't turn on the light.
I said I'd introduce myself.
We all look the same in the dark, don't we?
People say you're pretty but what does that mean?
If I feel pretty today, am I?
Well, what if I don't feel pretty tomorrow? Am I ugly then while I'm pretty now?
People say you're smart, how do they know? How do they judge?
If I can solve the mystery of the universe, the I am brilliant! If I cannot properly write the article to proclaim my accomplishment, then, am I dumb?
If I write the article for the one who solved the universe, yet I cannot follow the equations as I copy the down, am I less accomplished?
If I smile, then I must be happy, right? So, if I frown, I must be unfriendly. No.
If I do not show emotion, does that make me hard? If I do, does that make me overly emotional?
I walk with my head high, my steps sure, I must be proud.
If you see me with my shoulder slumped, I must have no confidence. Oh, poor thing.
If my arms are crossed, I must be defensive. Maybe the wind is cold.
If I am quiet, speaking little, then I must be brooding, haughty. Maybe I'm just shy.
If I socialize, I must be fun. But if I sit home and read a book with hot chocolate, then does that make me a bore?
Who makes these judgments?
Smart. Dumb. Pretty. Ugly. Friendly. Unfriendly. Fun. Boring. Soft-hearted. No-heart.
Who says?
Listen more. See less. After all, we all look the same in the dark.
If I say, 'I'm smart, pretty, soft-hearted, fun, confident,' is that what you will see?
If I tell you, 'I'm dumb, ugly, boring, hard, unfriendly,' will you argue to the contrary?
Here is my introduction: I am both smart and dumb; the subject makes the difference. I am both pretty and ugly; the beholder is the variable. I am both confident and unsure; the situation determines which. I conceal my emotions and let them run free; the circumstances decide. I am vocal and shy, this depends on my present company. I am social and not; many factors make this choice.
Look at me in the dark. Tell me what you see.
I decide for myself. I am smart, pretty, fun confident, social, shy, deeply feeling, vocal, quiet. I love books and movies and music! I am sarcastic, genuine, sincere, and genuinely, sincerely sarcastic. I sing loudly and no doubt poorly.
Now, tell me what you see. Of me. In the dark.
Who are you in the dark? Here, we all look the same. Have I described you as well? Some, perhaps, you say? Decide for yourself. I have.
Now, turn on the light.


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