Icy infatuation


the softness of your lips,
     sends shivers down my spine 
one kiss, 
      and my heart is frozen
by such as bliss, 
as this by lips 
is a icy infatuation, 
       with a hint of lust                                               
but to only,
     just realize 
it was bitter cold, 
       inside your heart
and freshly frosted,
      on your lips 



the smoke from, 
          your mouth 
blown into the wind,
      soaks up all my oxygen 
moaning for air,
   your lips touch mine 
my lung rips,
     so this is a sign 
you seem to, 
be killing deep down inside 
the gentle heart,
   that you broke apart
and now we seem, 
to be only killing each other 
slowly inside to make, 
our hearts feel alive 

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