The Ice Queen and Sun King


The warm sun wrapped around the cold-hearted girl
And shared his light to melt her ice
But it didn't quite work and she slipped away
Because it was her favorite vice

So she wandered the earth not knowing where to go
Running from those who tried to "save" her
They would only fail anyway
Because she was her own saboteur

Cold on the inside but warm outside
The ice queen was a peculiar being
No one understood how this could happen
So she spent her existence fleeing

Until one day she stumbled into a strange land
And met the equally strange king
Who was warm on the inside but cold outside,
He would make a perfect plaything

They would talk all night
Without ever using reason
Speaking of everything and nothing
But never of true feelings - for that would be treason

The queen began to wonder how long this would last
Before this knight in shining tin foil
Would try to play the hero
And bring her haven down in turmoil

Being rescued was not what she desired
For she was no one's damsel in distress
Never showing emotion wasn't a bad thing
If anything, they just created a mess

What the queen didn't realize
Was that the sun king knew how she felt
Which was that feelings ruined everyone
in whom they dwelt

The king never asked for more
And the queen never opened her heart
It was an unspoken bond,
They were each other's counterpart

Together the two ruled the strange kingdom
But they weren't dense
This wasn't a "happily ever after"
Because those simply don't make sense. 


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