Ice Cream Sandwiches

I like it when it's cold

and when it rains and when it snows

My sister tells me I can't have ice cream

But she can't stop me, she should know

I like it when it's cold

and when the fridge is full of sweets

I like the condensation on the windows

and cuddling close for heat

I'll take an ice cream sandwich from the freezer 

and eat it in my secret hideout

It's under a blanket on a bed

My breath hot as it blows out

I like it when it's cold 

But not when my sister finds my hut

I ignore her, it's not that hard

She can't really touch much

I like it when it's cold

Because the sweets are inside

They're not in a white van

With my sister on for the ride

I don't like the summer

My sister loved those days

I guess that's why they got her

And that's how they got away

I like it when it's cold

and when it gets easy to forget

Whose blanket I am under

Whose ice sandwich was left



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