The Ice Cream Colors of the Proud?

The land that claim it’s freedom from the oppressors in the past

is now the one doing the oppressing.

America does not even represent

the United States only -

It is two continent separated into one name.

The North,

The South.

I was born in the states.

New York State.

In New York City,



I was born from Dominican parents.

Dad left before I was born.

Gain my mom’s last name.



‘America’ as it stands represents many nationalities

but what the people hear is how to make America Great Again.

In what way?

By making only Rich White Men that only own property be in charge?


‘America’ has it’s faults like any other country.

Yet Americans as “we” are all called are too prideful

To admit we have any wrongs in our history.

‘America’ is the land of the free

and the place to reach the dream.


Too sad a time to notice that the truth doesn’t ring true

anymore like it once used too.

But do people know? Not much? So little?

That they still travel here from the “outer world”

to find a better life than the ones they have endure,

to foster the next generation to be better and stronger,

than their forefathers and their fathers’ fathers.


“America” have many outlying variations that give this nation a meaning.

Too many of the few -- the flag of the ice cream colors don’t call attention

to any homeland they have known. The flag swings, just to transmit disdain.

To others that very flag swings to showcase honor and prosperity.

“We” as American are definity divided as a Nation.


This poem is about: 
My country


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