Ice cream

Wed, 07/31/2013 - 05:40 -- Wenjing

If I were an ice cream I would choose to be rocky road ice cream. Rocky road is made of many different ingredients; each ingredient explains my personality and me very well. It is filled with chocolate goodness, Chocolate would represent my sweet and boldness, my ability to stand up for myself and speak my mind. Sprinkled with delicious crunchy nuts, representing my toughness and will to always try my best. Lastly the ice cream is filled with little mini marshmallows representing my physical feature of being very small, it also taste very sweet and melts really fast in the mouth with explains my kindness and way of caring for others. I would blend in with the crowd but also stand out because I am unique and filled with different characteristics that make me who I am. The three simple ingredients make a perfect mixture that can make everyone happy on a sad day, which concludes to my ability to cheer anyone up, and to be a friend and someone to talk to in tough times. 


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