Tue, 05/06/2014 - 22:45 -- ariG.

She steps onto the ground realizing how cold it was.

Fragile. Her bones were always fragile. Especially when it came to stepping on the ice.

She grabbed a piece of the ice, only realizing how it left her hands red. 

As she let the ice fall off onto the ground, she couldn't help but think how much it hurt. 

It hurt her to see that even the most beautiful things, pure and of good being, could be so painful.

She tried to forget how cold it was. She tried to forget how much her insides hurt.

Her hand started to move in a wave-like motion, as if she was trying to reach for something. Then her feet started moving, while her hair moved in the cold breeze.

All she could do was dance. Even through the ice and  purple lips, all she could do was sway and hum the sweetest melody.

Ice. Ice. Ice is all it took for her to live. 


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