If ya'll feeling hungry..id like to fill you up with some food for thought
what does it really mean to be a man according to the society which is overly attached to the superficial, all chasing a mirage of happiness and satisfaction
Is a man rage and vengeance?
Can a man shed a tear and share what he believes in?
Will he still be a man?
What are the rules to be an alpha male
Does he have to hide his skin color in contempt
Can he find compassion in this godforsaken world ?
Why do we have to pretend that everything is fine and let our mind become suicidal?
We succumb to shameful acts of self fufillment and get
trapped In a dark world of unfulfilled expectations
There's so much I could voice, many things you should know as im still trying to comprehend the teachings of society

I am me, as much as you may try, you could never be me
All in all, I'm just a guy trying to get it in
By doing everything I can except for fitting in I'm sitting in a throne on my own
There ain't no competition, I'm alone in my zone
I dont care if you call me effeminate
am i a man if i love reading nicholas sparks novels
watch romantic comedies and musicals
why do we men have to be so distant and aloof from intimacy
why does a man only fight for sexual conquest and not a war for love
we all got issues folks, just different magazines

We are victims of duality,afraid of what people might think
Does a man have to stamp his authority with his physical prowess over women?
why cant we apologise for the unavoidable misdeeds we have caused to our opposite sex
During my severed journey in metro rails
I see men with facades of character
Unable to merge with their true mores as i wonder
why do people keep unrealistically positive expectations from you
ibelieve that the flesh never judges the serenity of the heart
the classic "men will be men" is just an excuse for misogyny
I feel like my whole life changed in the last year, when i realised the term "masculinity" is built on a foundation of lies..

There are critics as well as fans in your whole play of life and
as soon as the curtain is opened..
We have to enact the parts assigned to us
Our performance plays a crucial role in this play
We may chose to leave or choose a different role,
In the end.,
It all comes down to how we continue in the rest of the play
Every aspect of gender roles points towards procreation..
society compels you into a cesspool of fear and intimidation
we need to have freedom to explore outside our gender roles, lest we humans continue to suffer
, life is about making the biggest change in one's own life,so it doesnt matter what gender i belong to, as long as im me
im gonna leave you guys with a mental note that
sometimes, you gotta step outside of who you really are to know what you can be

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