I Wrote This For You, Former Me.

Stand my ground,
You can’t touch me now.
My life isn’t a game for you play,
Can’t save that shit for a rainy day.
Stop reaching for my throat,
I need to breathe.
Keep fighting you,
I’m doin’ this for me.
Can’t you see?
You need to let me be.
I can’t do this anymore,
I’m tired of fightin'.
I understand you’ve made mistakes
’N sorry I couldn’t fix 'em.
You are broken,
Need replacin’.
We can’t be together.
I need to let you go forever.
Heaven or hell? You choose.
I’ll wait…
Matter of fact, go to hell.
Didn’t want that? Oh well.
I need you off my back.
I still have time for a new life.
You lose your light.
You’re done shinin’,
And I’m done cryin’,
Over you.
It’s time to say goodbye.
Lead you to the door,
As you begin to cry.
Memories, stories,
The life I coulda had,
Or mighta had,
Or maybe should of had
Flash before my eyes.
That’s when I realize.
Just when I’m bout to close the door,
I remember who I’m doin' it for. 
I see you in the mirror as I pass.
Out of mind, and on the shelf to collect dust.
Rust away in all the tears you’ve ever cried.
Sorry I couldn’t let you stay, I tried. 
Too hard to hold you inside.
This isn’t goodbye. Just goodnight.
No more takin' my spotlight.
In the darkness you will stay.
My life isn’t a game for you to play.
Can’t save that shit for a rainy day.
Don’t come knockin’ on my door.
I’m not gonna answer. Anymore.



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