I would take the stairs for you

I would take the stairs for you,

my dear.

I would watch the sunrise with my eyes closed for you,

my darling.

I would leave my camera at home for you,

my love.

I would wear plaid for you,

my sweet.

I would listen to that stupid song for you,

my angel.

I would scream on the subway for you,

my baby.

I would drink tequila for you,

mi chico. 

I would do anything for you,

my everything.



when you call me

your dear

your darling

your love

your sweet 

your angel

your baby

your chica

and your everything

I can't. 


I can't take the stairs for you.

I can't keep my eyes shut at sunrise for you.

I can't leave my camera for you.

I can't wear plaid for you.

I can't listen to that damn song for you.

I can't scream for you.

I can't drink for you.

I can't do anything for you. 


I can't love you. 

And you can't love me. 


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