I Won't Give Up


You shine brighter than anyone here

I see your light across my face, you're near

Even when you're far away, across time and space

As I wait for your return

I see you in my dreams at night

So real, so vivid, it's like

A thousand fireworks all shot at once

Like BOOM BOOM BOOM, hear that shot?

It's like a prick of my finger to make sure I'm awake

Or trying not to sprint down the aisle on our wedding day

You're like a million memories all dumped onto one man

Like a morning tidal wave crashing against the sand

I wonder who this angel is, all embodied into perfection

Who's in charge of this arrow of love, pointing to your direction?

It's very insistent, consistent, unrelenting

Not letting us go, but not condescending

Ascending into the heavens, you know we're flying high

When the ground's so far below us, each by each other's side

With our hands intertwined

And our babies on our minds

We've carried on so far along

You're on my brain, in my song

And I wouldn't dream of anything else

Because your light is my sun,

And at night I need one

I need your body to reassure me

That there's no way I'm dreaming

I need my blanekts being stolen

And my french fries crisp and golden

I love the diapers in the morning, angry baby for waking up
But I love it all, I won't fall, and I sure won't give up


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