I won't call

You once told me I could call at anytime
And just the vibrations of my vocal chords projecting sound through a speaker requesting your presence would be enough to lure you to my bedroom for one reason only
But if a kiss is all I asked for now I would be lying to every version of myself that denies you and defies me all in the same second span of time which would be neither productive nor beneficial
My brain and my heart both float on a smooth soft river fantasized by what no longer remains in a glass I should have never picked up in the first place
And all other indulgences fade in the light of the liquor and the love that widens my eyes and engages my limbs to sink into a body that exists somewhere outside my reach
But it's too late to call
And I'm lovesick from the alcohol
Pour me another drink
But please darling
Don't forget to cleanse my palate first
With a slip of the tongue

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