I won't be Silent


I sat alone, I sat unheard.  A stranger to the world.I never asked, I never cared if my voice was ever heard.I was fine, I was contempt to let my life pass by without one word,  without a single thought.   But something stirred me from within, a whisper, and yet still; it spoke about a better way to walk this road of life. Do not be afraid, it said To step out of your shell. Some may scorn, and some may hit. But it will serve you well, a stronger person you'll become, not a puppet of this world. I listened to the words it saidand turned my life around. I will no longer walk away  not wanting to be heard. I know some others need this voice, they need a push to speak. Because I know where I was before the time it spoke to me.  


Need to talk?

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