I Wonder What it Feels Like to be Free

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 19:35 -- MadCAnd

I wonder what it feels like to be free

To have no connection to the world around us

A place of fortune where we can just be

Be ourselves without adversity

Without conflicts or distrust

Broken hearts or financial uncertainty


I wonder what it feels like to be free

Free to live a life we choose ourselves

Without the backlash of other’s that disagree

With no restraints on creativity

Or an already established future on the shelves,  

Instead, a blank page full of endless possibility


I wonder what it feels like to be free

Without hurtful words that spread like wild fire

Or the loss of one’s integrity

A life without labels or typical stereotypes

Or malicious actions that expose our secret desires

But with the giving of second chances or life rewrites


We can rewrite our own stories

And give meaning to every interaction

Making the act of love one of our first priorities

Not letting the ugly force ourselves to feel inferior 

But opening our hearts to a world of compassion

And mending this susceptible world by taking down the interior









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