I Woked Up This Morning


I woke up this morning,

Heard two voices in an argument.

When did things go this wrong?

Pretending to see, I cried silently.


When I made a decision of my own,

You said "no" and were soon gone.

Two month later, you came back,

But my trust in you did not return.


As a girl I yearned for Tuesdays,

The day you would be home to play.

All other days you were away,

Got home long after my bedtime.


We need bread, a ceiling over our heads.

I understand!

But the you left to a far away land.

Why would you leave me alone to cry?


You used to be my hero,

My stone, my papa,

My example, and my dream,

So why would you turn your back on me?


I used to believe in love,

Like in those fairy tales you told before bed.

I used to believe in you and mama's love.

So why are screams and fights all I hear now?


I close my eyes, cover my ears,

Wish my mind to take me away.

But I hear the angry voice,

And I cry.









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