I Woke Up This Morning

I wake up every morning
Only to live another day,
To block away the world
as I continue
my life this way.
I wake up every morning
Only to feel the same pain,
To hide from my fears
as I continue
my life this way.
But the more I wake up,
the emptier I feel.
The more I wake up,
the more I crave to experience something
I think
I need to open my eyes
And experience something authentic,
Something true.
Something that’s greater than me
And you.
Something that’s worth more than the pain
the hurt
the resent
the hate.
Something great.
Something beautiful.
Something awesome.
Before it’s too late,
   Before it’s too late...
I woke up today.
And I smiled at the mirror
I marveled at the thought that
Is so dear.
So I kissed the man I love
On the lips,
Not the cheek.
And I visited my father
Not next week.
I ran through the streets
And inhaled the red,
autumn air,
Rather than aimlessly sulking,
without a single care.
And as I began to see the change,
To feel the life in me
Engulf into dancing flames,
To fly freely
With the wings
From which my pain became,
To feel my beating heart
Pound inside of my chest
forever untamed…
I looked up at the sky
Right in its big,
And drifted away,
So mesmerized…
I woke up this morning.
And chose to live a life that is brave
Because I realized that the life I lived
Was a shackle
to my grave.
It was the cry of someone who didn’t want
to be saved.
It was the kind of life that only
brokenness craves.
I woke up this morning.
And from the darkness,
I was saved.
This poem is about: 
Our world


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