I Woke Up Like This... Faithful.


I Woke Up Like This... Faithful.


Not many know of the one true King, who gave his life to all us.

He was beaten, bruised, and killed so we could become flawless in his eyes.

Every morning I thank him for his sacrifice and for his loving arms around me.

He gives me strength and the courage to wake up every day.

I hate the way I look, I hate the way I talk, and I hate the way that people look at me.

But he made me this way for a reason,

he made me this way so I could be flawless in his eyes.

The youth has such awful portraits of themselves drawn and sketched into their eyes.

People say that humans find themselves five times more attrative than they really are.

Now tell me, how does that statement help people with their self-confidence?

It has come to nothing close to a statement that can help people break that glass ceiling,

To bust through that ceiling to boost themselves to become more than comfortable,

And that could help all of us think of ourselves as more than just a gross object on this planet.

I'll tell you who it is but I can't tell you how to love him,

It's Jesus Christ and YOU chose your relationship with him.

YOU chose how to love him in a way in which YOU could then feel flawless.

I fell in love with him,

And now that I have busted through that glass ceiling,

I wake up everyday so Faithful, that I don't care what I look like,

How I talk, or how people look at me.

I'm FLAWLESS in his eyes and nobody could ever tell me how to live my FAITHFUL life.



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