I Wish For Myself Better.Also Jobs


With enough determination, a meaningless word is fate;

I wish for myself better, for things to be eventually great.

That was a silly enough rhyme, but the words are still there.

The concept of a dream job, even now, is just a job, it seems hyperbolic,

I guess I’m just a pessimist at heart, or is it mind, that’s fair.

Regardless, designing and programming by utilizing thought and logic;

Seems nice.


I’m not attending college because it sounds exciting or is expected of me

I seek to create stories that have some sort of effect on the person,

Not even full blown epiphanies, but just creating a thought is enough;

Maybe that thought will aid in development, of course it not need be.

Tuition is far too expensive for anything less.


Of course success is not guaranteed similar to everything in life

And I’m well aware,

But isn’t that the point? To strive and fail only to continue to strive and fail

And fail, that’s fair.

But suppose somewhere down the line a bit of success, success through significance

And significance through begetting thought

Fame and money is not my purpose for wanting to design create a videogame

Where a war is more than a fight fought.


I suppose my dream job is sprung from my fear of other people’s contempt

A videogame is just another medium, nothing more and nothing less,

But I can’t draw, or sing, or cure the common cold with a single attempt

A computer is what I will use to both write this poem and ease my stress.


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