"I Wish it was just a Nightmare"


As I look at the damage I’ve caused I can’t help but ask myself, “Why me?” I am to blame for the pain and suffering I’ve caused the families of these innocent people. That horrible night will haunt me forever.  The sound of rain and thunder from the sky, the sound of my screaming passengers, the sound of my tires screeching up against the black street road, the swerving of my car, the fear in my mind and the fast beating of my heart. Everything happening so fast it was hard to comprehend.

We had come from a party. I thought I didn’t drink much and I thought I was okay to drive. My friends thought the same. They insisted I drive because they trusted me. What did they know? They were probably just as intoxicated as I was. Why did I drink and drive? Why did I trust myself? Why did they trust me? I was wrong. We were wrong.  Now I am being accused of manslaughter for killing my friends in a drunk driving accident.

On the way home from the party, we were laughing and singing to the sound of some of our favorite songs. I realized I was swerving a little, but wasn’t worried too much because I was on cruise control to the speed limit. Little did I know that was not a good idea to do in the rain. All of a sudden I hydroplane and swerve hitting the back of a car. This causes our car to roll over at least 4 times. We were practically on the other side of the street. I called out my friend’s names “Randy! Please tell me you’re ok.” No response. “Sam, Can you hear me…Sam? Talk to me please.” No response. “Janet. Are you ok? Please tell me you are ok!” No response. I was the only survivor. When I finally got out of the car I didn’t have a scratch on my body. Hearing the sound of sirens while I see the bloody faces of my friends. I had known they died in an instant. At this moment, I was screaming in horror. With tears rolling down my eyes I can feel this pain of emotion all throughout my body. The witnesses pulled over to the side of the road to comfort me. I refused. I hated everyone and everything, but the most hatred I had was towards myself.

I was sentenced to prison for at least half of my life. The consequences I deserve for innocently killing my closest friends. I think of this terrifying night almost every hour of the day while I’m stuck in this cell. I would do anything to take back the death I caused upon them. I wish we just stayed at the party until we were okay. 

I wish that it was me who died. I wish it was just a nightmare…

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