I Wish I Knew


Without the pen that rims my eyes black

I do not know if my stress shows through

Without the layer to cover my spots

I do not know if my skin looks healthy

Without the tilt of my head

I do not know if you see my flaws


Without the dark filter

I do not know if you see the red in my eyes

Without the radiant lighting

I do not know if my sadness still shows

Without the obtuse angle when it was taken

I do not know if you see my scars


But with the pen and my hand

I take away my stress

With a sponge and a mirror

I make myself look healthy

With a tilt and a smile

My flaws disappear


With the black enhanced filter

I can cover my tears

With radiant and glowing light

My sadness melts to the shadows

With an odd angle

You do not see my past


I have lived with the cover

I have fled to the corner

To hide what I feel

And to cover what I show

To be without my filters

I wish I knew who I could be



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