I wish i could change.......

Sat, 03/01/2014 - 09:14 -- Jsummer


My life? My family? Myself?

What would i change?

I wish i can change the way my life started off

Not being a motherless child but the  last picked apple of both of my parents eyes instead of one

Growing up blind to ways of growing from a lnnocent girl into a street smart and educated young woman.

I wish i can change my mother dying from pneumonia days after bring me into a hard world

17 years of having a hole in my heart where my mother shouldve been is like a tiny knife piercing my feelings

i wish i could change my father lifetime pain of losing the only woman he dedicated his soul to

Then there is me...

i wish i could change me going through depression at a time when i didn't know what it was at five years old

Constant crying,no smiling, no playing, no eating... all because i was taken to live with  my father who felt his baby girl did not know who he or her older siblings were

i wish i could change...

Being bullied all because i was i stood away from pain, wanted to be different and i was quiet.

i was a targeted all because i didn't want to be left out

You try being surrounded by girls in the school restroom

you try being spit on in the face and the teacher doesn't do shit but pull you guys away

i wish could change

 all the bad and the embarrassing in my life........

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