I Wish I Could


Fuck you

for giving me work that I

have no time to finish,

because I need extracurriculars to impress the colleges

you tell me I won't get into.

Fuck you for hating your job

almost as much as I hate coming here,

(and for using every opportunity to let us know that).

It's not condusive to my education

to shit-talk in the teachers' lounge.

It's not condusive to my education

to make me take a test on something

you never explained,

and expect me to get an A.


fuck you.

Fuck you for becoming a teacher

when you hated school more than I do,

And instead of comforting the trembling child

who has faced that bully one too many times,

you become the bully

because you never got the chance.

Fuck you for making me cry myself to sleep

because all my work is due tomorrow

and I feel stifled and stuck

i can't do it.

And you don't even care.

Fuck you for not letting me pee,

and not letting me stretch,

and not letting me raise my hand when I

have a question.

But I'm sure you'll explain it later,

and answer the exact question I had 

(without me even asking it)

because you are the omnicient "teacher";

Fuck you for not explaining it later.

And most of all,

Fuck you

For not allowing any of these words to travel

from my brain,

to my mouth,

to you,

because I need you to write

my college reccommendation letter,

and I can't have you thinking 

I hate you.




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