I Wish

I Wish
Upon a lot of the stars in the sky
To become and to bloom and expand into something that I could never be right now
I just want to go
To go run across the earth and pump my legs as fast as I can
I want to feel everything with the exuberance that it is possible to feel
I want tears to stream down the lonely crevices of my skin while my lungs grasp for life due to lost love or longing affection
I want to feel alive
Feel the whipping wind force my hair to become it's own specimen,
To taste the earth and the sky and heartache
I want to become one with another human soul
To feel deepest sorrow and joys that they tell no one else
I wish for someone to feel safe and scared all at once around me
To know they can enter my house but be ready for adventure within it's hallowed walls and fierce cracks
I want life to be simple
Just me
And the stars
Connecting all the little dots of our life is to much
To much time
Too much patience
To much life
May we simply just love one another
In the calm of my own soft bedroom
I lift my faded head up for moments on end
And see the stars
And for a moment believe that possibly life might just maybe be a little bit better up there
With just me and the stars
And nobody to tell us what to buy or how to wear or why to try and how to life the life that was handcrafted with loving expertise just for us
And I realize all alone up there in the stars
That life would cease to matter
Due to the ominous fact the people don't need help in the stars
They need help here
On the dying planet
With arms reaching to those who cease to see
The spectrum of need beyond their mobile devices
Life is for others
At least that's what I'm told
To help and heal and be there and never faint
It helps
To just
The best thing about this world are the souls who destroy it
So I look at the stars with a new light in myself
And realize that perhaps
Although all alone
We can shine just as bright
And although residing alone on a beautiful star would be nice
I'm needed down here
To grow others stars
That we may all become a galaxy in one


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