I wish



I can almost feel your soft cafe-latte skin

in mine.

Your wavy hair a black cascade of flowers.

I think about kissing you

and caressing your body.

I think about purposely running into you

just so I can touch you.

I call you honey,

I am your love.

I daydream about us being alone kissing

and loving each other.

Do you dream about me?

I dream about you

and your smile

and your way of being

and the way you walk.

I am in love with you.

Are you in love with me?

I can tell you are not in love with me.

I can tell you don’t want me.

Maybe you do,

but you are afraid of hurting.

You know I have to leave soon.

So, I wish and hope that you like someone else

or maybe fall in love with someone other than me

so I can have a reason to feel so sad.

I wish you'd left me for someone else.

I wish you were straight

so I’d get over my feelings

because it’d be useless too keep trying.

But you led me on.

You let me taste your lips

and feel your hair between my finguers.

You led me on.

I wish I wasn't hurt

and could accept that

you just didn't want me.

But you let me fall for you.

So I wish you were straight

and you liked guys

so I could easily give up.

I wish you left me for someone else

and not just to be with yourself.

I wish you left me

because you were in love with someone else.

I wish there was another reason

except the one you gave me.


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