I Wish...

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 18:08 -- dasw16

I wish I lived in a world...

Where I’m not considered more threatening than another,

And not more likely to be arrested for a crime.

While at the same time,

Live in a world

Where my skin gives me better ”advantages”.

Advantages that benefit the benefactor more.

Where I’m not just another statistic to be crossed of a list.

Where I’m not just a number;

A quota that colleges or businesses aim to hit.

Resulting in a cycle of brainwashing from parent to child to increase a feeling or worth. Belonging.

I wish the world we lived in would be equal for all,

not for some.

Nor be “equal”,

while still being unequal.

Where I don’t feel the need to have lighter skin

In order to be like everything that I see.

Where we don’t have a light dominated media,

That  becomes surprised to see people of different races do the same.

Where sexual orientation just happens

With no ill harm to anyone!

Where women are paid the same as men

For the same job.

So a CEO of a large company isn’t paid $50,000 less

than her male counterpart.

Where maternity leave is given to men as well.

In order for fathers to gain a strong bond with their children.

I wish we lived in a world

Where “we’re judged by the content of our character, not by the color of our skin

sexual orientation or gender.

I hope it comes true in my generation,

though with what I’ve seen

I doubt it ever will.


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