I Will Wait

What happened to the essence of waiting?
Did it get misplaced along with integrity & respect?
Or did virginity simply lose its value because of your environment?
Did you allow the anticipation of your fleshly desires cause you to wait anxiously for God’s promises?
Did you grow impatient with time?
Or did you use the Commutative Property of Mathematics to satisfy your desires?
You know the one that says “you can swap numbers & still get the same answer”
So did you swap God’s word to fit your situation?
Addicted to sinful desires, attempting to abort your spiritual pregnancy
By “temporarily” satisfying the flesh
But completely oblivious that the flesh will never be satisfied
Even after these earthly vessels are eternally at rest
Reprogrammed mentalities in disguise, gently lay integrity to the side
While you sit there and overdose on your pride
And since you’re malnourished on the WORD
You have no idea that Colossians 3:12 & 1 Peter 5:5
Instructs us to clothe ourselves in humility…
Allowing yourself to be deceived by the “father of lies”
Now risk the chance of being infected with an STI
Or the possibility of having to raise that child without that smooth talking guy
Is it really worth it? You Decide …
Dear God,
I make a vow to stand, and I promise I’ll wait
Until the day you reveal the King that you created for me
I can’t say that I won’t grow impatient at times
But I won’t allow the anticipation of my fleshly desires cause me to wait anxiously for your promises
Psalm 84:11 “The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right”
So Lord help me to continue to live pleasing in your sight
Like Solomon’s plea to the women of Jerusalem...
I won’t awaken love until the time is right
Since I’m confident & content in your creation
And since Psalm 33:11 says “the Lord’s plans stand firm forever, his intentions will never be shaken” I WILL WAIT !!!
I don’t need the validations, and I won’t search for the compliments
From “Mr. Almost Right”
I won’t yearn for his attention, when he made it crystal clear
That he’s only interested in the pleasures of one night and not the companionship of a wife
I won’t settle for “Mr. Almost Right” just because I get tired of waiting
For you to perfect the man who will fervently pray for me even if it takes all night
I won’t become fixated by the thought of being single
But instead... I’ll transform those irrelevant thoughts into praise
I’ll learn how to genuinely and passionately worship you
And since your WORD is a lamp to my feet
I’ll allow your WORD to totally consume me; I’ll be drenched in your wisdom
I’ll spend time in your presence, so that I’ll be fully equipped to withstand and overcome temptations
I won’t give in to my desires, but instead I’ll continuously pray that you will ignite my fire
So that I’ll have an overzealous desire to do your will…


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