I Will See You Again

Looking outside my window

Through sorrowful eyes

The sky tells me its’s time

Gathering my strength

I walk into the cold

The sun decides to hide

Behind thick ashen clouds

Walking further into the woods

The wind gently blows

Across the treetops

Causing color changed leafs

To fall to the ground

The smell of autumn

Fills my mind with memories

A lonely tear rolls down my face

I finally see her resting place

Behind it her headstone

Covered in dirt and moss

I bend down to wipe it

Under the stains of time

I see her words

“I will see you again”

I drop to my knees

Why did you have to leave?

Nevertheless, I know I cannot

Answer that question

I weep for hours

Tears rolling down my cheeks

Plunging into the ground

Filling the land with my mourning

In the background I hear

The knell of thunder

My time is overdue

I reach into my pocket

I pull out her favorite flower

The red rose

I place it on top of her grave

This is for my love

The thunder cracks closer

Time is up

Wiping away the tears

With one last look, I walk away


This poem is about: 
Our world


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