I Will Remain Silent


I will remain silent
Just as soon as I get this off my tongue
Let me tell you
That I’m not the one
To conform
To the social norms
Set by society
I’ve been in poverty
And lived in houses in the suburbs
But I am aware that my words hold power
And I choose to exercise my freedom of
And will not allow my liberty to be breached
But unleashed,
Let off the reigns
That have chained, tried to tame
But have only caused me to remain
Faithful to my truth
Mindful of my roots
I know that I will go far
So there’s no need for me to compete against
I set my bar high
And reach my goals every time
Because I know that they are mine
And I will continue to climb
Up this ladder of progress
Because I know that life is a process
And I will live
moment it’s fullest
Because I reside in the present
But wait a second
Me slow,
This down.
Just to add a little more clarity
To my conviction
While I state my opinion.
I wish that more people questioned
Things that happen in the world,
More specifically who’s running it.
Who chooses to put what on television
That instantly gets connected
To everyone in the nation?
There’s no more time for patience
We have waited long enough
And now is the period
For something to be said
I guess I will be the one to say it
Or at least to initiate this
Movement of questioning
Searching for the meaning in the things
We are constantly confronted with
Take for instance
The media
Just to begin to scratch the surface
Of this search for answers
That we must find
Because they are not readily available to us
Songs that are put on
And played on the radio
Run through our heads
Playing continuously
While our bodies move to the beat
Or become taken by the sensation it gives
But what are the words conveying?
What are they saying?
Where is the message?
Or are we just reckless listeners?
Easily manipulated and controlled
Able to be told how to live our lives?
Has lyricism went into a recession or
Because we have become content in idle
Refusing to question?
We like to think we are in an era of
But we’ve been oblivious to the fact that
we’ve been stagnant
T.V. is our medium for which we receive our
But what are we learning from it?
What is it teaching us?
Flipping through channels with pictures
reaching us
Unconsciously shaping our conception and
Of the reality that we live in
Instead of challenging us to make our own
And make use of our imaginations
For cultivation of our creativity
The ultimate originator of our proficiency
And progression towards the future
The longer we refuse and choose not to
The more time it will take before we reach
our destination
Or the place that we are destined
I will remain silent
Just as soon as everyone
Ceases abusing the power of their tongue,
Taking back control over the lyrics to their
songs that are sung.


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