I Will Never Know.

The night-time has always elicited my mind's teeming thoughts.

I wonder; allowing the opinions I year to share with others become vocal.


I wonder what my life would be like if I was an immigrant;

had I trusted Lady Liberty’s engraven pleas.

I wonder what desperation would be evoked knowing that groceries

are a luxury my family cannot afford,

that the laughter that once filled my school has been replaced with a harrowing silence,

that my country has become enveloped in an inexorable danger.

I wonder what horror would encompass me knowing that my family and I

may not survive to know another home.

I wonder what tribulation would arise knowing that in risking my life

to reach a nation I ache and yearn for,

I am branded as an invader. 


I wonder how their anguish and global toils have not yet been loud enough

to silence the labels, the abuse, the persecution.


I wonder how such a significant part of my identity could view people

seeking protection and opportunity as inhuman.

I wonder how the Land of Liberty could send immigrants a message

as blatantly cruel as a wall during an era that celebrates a synonymous message,

the Berlin Wall, being torn down.

I wonder how my country, a country I love,

could neglect the principles on which it was founded

just 243 years after its immigrant forefathers fought and laid down their lives

for the freedom of all.


I wonder. 


I wonder but will never know. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


Annette M Velasquez

Beautifully written, the sentiment, message and poetics... In the first stanza, I believe you meant to write " yearn" not year... probably a typo. Overall, the poem is powerful! Check out my " Woman at Ellis Island" " Moving Day" and Nature Borders" poems on the same subject.

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