I Will Keep my Pride




The highest misconception is fluorescent colors are all that surrounds me daily

I carry my “gayness” around like it’s a trophy

Though that is far from it.

Because hearing my parents tell me to at least try to enjoy the other genders genitalia, happens more often than not.

Going to school is like going through hell and back

Kids tell me I am going to hell

I need to repent

What is wrong with me?

Nothing, I say

Tears rolling down my face.

I am me, I am just like you

Though I do not desire what you do.

I will hold her hand proudly

I will fill her all of the things she could possibly need

& it is not just physical either.

I will cover her in attention

& cascade my protection.

Though you won’t see it the way I do




That is all you will see

You are colorblind to love

Love in not meant to be compressed.

I will keep my pride


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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