I Will Be Successful !!

Sun, 01/19/2014 - 15:15 -- maiya96


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I am who I am whether anyone likes it or not. I work hard each and everyday to become a better person but at times it doesnt get acknowledged and im scared to stand up because I dont want to be made fun or get talked about. Im not the prettiest girl ever, my hair doesnt always stays in place, I cry at times where I dont know why im crying, and sometimes I wonder how I would look threw some else eyes. You could call me anything you want but a bully I am not. Everyone deserves a chance and I give everyone a chance. Yea at times it gets taken advantage of but everyone makes mistakes noone makes mistakes. Im not the best poetry writer but when I write its my way of releasing alot of stress, anger, frustration, and all types of emotions that I experience everyday that I breathe whetheren it be in public or at home. Alot of people look at me and think hey i bet she is extremely smart she never talks im sure everyone likes her. Well thats not the case my grades are good but they arent what they really should be. I struggle each and everyday because I want my grades to get better and improve. I dont talk often because I done cried so much to the point where I really dont want to talk to anyone. Im a very dedicated and nice person when it comes to my work becuase I want the very best results. To end this poem I just want to say I will be successful whether it be to pursue my desired career as a FBI Agent, a counselor, lawyer, or a doctor I will achieve my goals and my career.


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