I Wear Converse Every Day


I am a world traveler filled with interesting foods,

Amazing memories, fun people, and beautiful pictures,

I love coffee, tequila, and meeting new people,

I am confident, I am smart, I am happy


I am a product of eight years physical and emotional abuse,

Traumatic memories, horrific people, and magnificent bruises,

I love coloring books and the serenity of hiking alone,

I hate small talk and fear the future,


I fight for women’s rights and proclaim sex positivity,

I work with victims of rape and interpersonal violence,

I am working towards a PhD, but fear becoming my dead mother,

I am happy with my partner and we plan to marry and have kids


I like to read and burn sweet scented candles,

I cut where my childhood bruises once were and I cry,

Academia is the only place I have ever felt safe,

My partner drinks too much and sometimes reminds me of my father,


I can play the piano and know how to swing dance,

I am in three honor societies and a member of the feminist executive board,

I have an easy smile and knowing eyes that strangers seem to trust,

I wear converse sneakers every day,


I have grappled with eating disorders and suicide attempts,

I trust Jesus despite all of my adversity and pray every day,

I believe in love even if sometimes it hurts me worse than a belt ever could,

I wear converse sneakers every day. 

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