I Watch Movies

When I want a new experience,


When I want to be captivated,


When I want to be taken somewhere,


And be told a story,


When I want to think…




…or feel,



When I want to be educated,


to be excited,


to be inspired,


to be comforted,


or most importantly,


to escape,





I watch movies.



Movies are like friends who never leave your side,


And know they’re role is to calm or motivate you;


They’ll always stay the same,

Yet you can never watch them the same way twice.


There’s always a new journey,


Another character to support you at all times,


And when you least expect it,


You slip out of reality












Headfirst into another world


Where your problems are eliminated,


Your worries vanish,


And you are constantly on the edge of your seat,


Yet always at




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Our world
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