I Wasn't Ready To Tell You

Nelly, I fell for you and I was waiting for the right time to tell you
I was videoing the bride while she was putting on make-up
You were lying back on the bed and leaning on your elbows
And you were garbed in a white sleeveless dress
I couldn’t help paying attention to you because of your beauty
This was distracting me from my work, but I didn't mind it

You were clutching a nosegay and you asked me to take your picture
The men left the room when the bride was ready to get dressed
And you said to me, “Goodbye, Marlon; it’s time to go”
I went outside and took pictures of the bridesmaids
You were filled with excitement when you came out of the house
And we travelled with the bride to the botanical park

I was enraptured by you when you sang at the wedding reception
You held the wireless microphone with one hand
And you waited for the playing of the instrumental to begin
I froze for a moment when I heard your melodious voice
Even though nobody expected you to perform well,
You displayed self-confidence and you sang like a diva

I stood there in amazement with my camcorder rolling
The guests cheered and applauded as you began to sing
And they stopped you and told you to start over again
The MC instructed the DJ to replay the music
You sang even sweeter than you did the first time
How I wanted to dance with you when you took the floor

Nelly, I was well aware of your fondness for me
You didn't know that I loved you and I wasn't ready to tell you
I hid my lust for you because I didn't come on to schoolgirls
Even though my heart was aching for your love,
My conscience guided me and I did the right thing
I went away and we didn't see each other for three years

You gave me your telephone number when I came back,
But you didn't tell me that you were in a relationship
I was jealous when I found out that you had a boyfriend
You still don't know that I love you, so I'm telling you now
When I look at your photos and watch the video,
I remember the night in December you thrilled my heart


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