I Wasn't The One She Loved

I arrived at the pier shortly before dusk

That was where some lovers met

Lori was there with a handsome man

It broke my heart to see her embracing him,

But I couldn’t let the jealousy show

She approached me and said, “Hi, Anthony”

Then she patted me on the shoulder

I’d never seen such a blissful young lady


She introduced me to her fiancé

I faked a smile when he shook my hand

And I said, “You’re a lucky man”

I wanted to tell him that if he hurt her, I’d kill him,

But I knew it would upset Lori

I didn’t want to spoil her happy moment,

So I just said, “Have a good time”

And I went away before I fell to pieces


Lori knew that I was attracted to her,

But I wasn’t the one she loved

She never dreamed of me or longed for me

Though I wanted to kiss her so badly,

I knew that her lips would never touch mine

She only felt brotherly love towards me

I went to her wedding despite these things

How I wished I were the bridegroom


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