I wasn't good enough

Sat, 11/04/2017 - 17:57 -- Tari



I sit and wonder every night why you left.
I ask myself if it was because I wasn't good enough or was it because i had too many flaws.
I'm just a girl who tried to be the one for you.
I loved you unconditionally and all I got in return was a box with the pieces of my heart.
I'm sorry I wasn't good enough and I'm sorry I wasn't perfect enough.
I'm sorry I wasn't the girl who was down for a party every night and I'm sorry I wasn't the girl who wanted to smoke hub and get drunk with you.
I retained my values and stuck to who I was raised to be which is a God fearing young lady but that's not what you wanted....all you wanted was a girl with the perfect figure who was ready to go out and have fun with you
Many guys don't appreciate what they have and they go for a girl who can give them the thrill.
A guy may leave you because he thinks you ain't good enough but those flaws and imperfections define who you are. Don't let someone devalue you for you are destined for greatness.
A guy who doesn't see your worth doesn't deserve you..


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