i was listening to whitney as i wrote &she is #flawless


You will soon learn who "she" is, now remeber the information I include is not intended to confuse.
Any reference to "her" in the lines below, just know I am solely addressing myself, these words are centered around me and only me, never anybody else.
I am "she", and she is me, knowing what I know now, there is no one else I would rather be.

Flawlessness ...it's definition and how it applies to me.

My level of flawless is internal as well as external just for the world to see.
From the mole on my neck to the scars on my knees.
This is my definition of Flawlessness, this is me.
I'm talking inner and outer beauty, the one you can and cannot see.
The ones who think I'm "trying too hard" or "doing too much" just won't accept my femininity.
The way my black lashes curl when I blink or way my thick brows furl when I think or
how my forehead may form creases when I'm deep down within my mind's recess, strategically trying to put together all those tiny bits and pieces.
My ethnicity is flawless.
My beauty is flawless.
My rash yet reckless additude now that's just pure, real rawness.
From the gap in her teeth, to the crooked toenails on her feet, even that one little dimple in her left cheek, all of these things measure flawless to me.
She will never be anyone's tragedy, the gal is so psychedelic that her hair defies gravity, and she only answers to "madame" or " your majesty".
She is the Sahara's fiercest lioness who sometimes roars, yet bashfully.
By her sign reading "Leo" she's automatically been independent since birth, made from the finest ingredients to help balance out the Earth. 
Handmade by the consummate Creator from which all blessings flow.
I truly know I flawless, even the "Song of Soloman" says so.
What is the reason you ask? Reasons that I call myself flawless?
The way I act and the things I say, no one else can own, I've already bought it .
My exceptional journey through life, as a child who used to be taunted.
I now live by queen B's lyrics that if you got it, you should flaunt it. 
Perhaps it's the shape of my face or my love for vintage items and white lace.
Or the way my presence enters the room, bold and unbothered, my mind floating in space.
How is it that the girl is fierce, fearless and flawless while remaining full of grace?
Hmm... Maybe she is really flawless, a true jack of all trades.


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