I Was Just A Child

I was just a child

When they stuck their daggers 

In my back,

And laughed as they watched,

My blood begin to pour out.


I was just a child

When I stopped loving life,

And craved for it to end

And then,

Began taking matters into my own hands.


I was just a child

When they ripped the smile

From my face,

And I started my retreat,

Frantically searching for somplace safe.


I was just a child 

When the words began to flow,

Along with the tears, and heal;

And for the first time in years,

I felt relief from the chaos.


And I was just a child

When their damaging words

Slowly began to fade away,

As my own words bandaged 

The wounds I had acquired.


Yes, they tried so hard

To put out my fire,

But I came back burning

Ten times


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