I was, I am, I will become

I was born,

Family and friends,

I was ill,

Hospitals and surgeries,

I was artistic,

Drawing and painting,

I was shy,

Afraid and quiet,

I was bullied,

Hurt and numb,

I am strong,

Brave and fearless,

I am observant,

Watch and listen,

I am creative,

Writing and photography,

I am smart,

Early college and piano,

I am happy,

Bright and cheerful,

I will become successful,


I will become musical,


I will become alert,


I will become acknowledged,


I will become inspirational,


This poem is about: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very creatively expressive in letting people know who you are

appreciate this style of poetry

Black Wings

Thank you very much, Layne.

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