As I Was Eight

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 16:57 -- nidia.h


United States
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As I was eight it grew closer to the time of moving
My mom says everything would be the same
But I don’t see how she knows because it might be lame
I was scared and terrified of what to expect

As I was eight it became more disapproving
Dad says you will make new friends
But it must all come to some ends
I was alone and I couldn’t connect

As I was eight looking out the window I saw my past leaving
Brother turns to me and tells me don’t worry you will be more free
But as I sat there thinking and fell asleep un free
I dreamed that I was just more wrecked

As I was eight I saw the house and was smiling
My parents turn to each other in satisfaction
But I had to love it without an option
I met friends in my neighborhood and soon it felt correct

Guide that inspired this poem: 



When i was young living in California.


I found out moving isn't bad at all.

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