I was clocked

Tick tock 


My heart is a clock

Upon life's hand , I stand
A Broken clock 
Why don't you - tick tock
Who'd ever know it would stop 
Learn to talk
Clock don't you stop 
Trust God's time 
It'll never stop 
Ten past eleven
I'm almost there
Do you care 
To help or will you just stare 
Tick tock this clock has stopped
No one was there
Why didn't you care 
Dare another clock to tick tock
The young cradles rock 
Youth has a clock 
When it's gone, you'll
Learn to stop
Until one day, it's tick tock 
Your heart is a rock.
You've broken ever clock before it could ever
learn to tock
Walking past midnight 
Your time rises past 12
That's the time when no one will tell
Time knows you won't stop 
Eternal destruction will ring ...
your final clock... 


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