I Was Born

 I was born of the early March dusty days,

Wet sand, floody ocean

  I was born of trees dancing and cloudy skies,

When yam grew and people harvested potatoes and vegetables

I was born in a village, unknown to many, connected my Milo

I was born when my grandma put a grape in her mouth

When the sun  rose like never  before

Torn clothes, barefoot, hot summer, Hungry and weak, waiting for supper

Fruits and nuts, hanging off the trees

Curry and rice, only thing I pleased

Click! Click! Rain falls with heavy weight ,

Floods with heavy wave drowns my home

No dream, No life. What tomorrow holds?

Grab my books, off to school, I go

Green land, hardworking people, wise mind

Night comes stars appear, mom knits people sweater

Unknown of my reality, I was happy

Bullied, felt despondent with short hair, Boy Clothes, White Ugly shoes

I was born to make history, Time flies, Clock-wise

Tic Toc nonstop, what’s the news?

This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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