i want you to hate me

i want you to hate me

for i do not love thee,

it is much easier to hate

than to love, and miss, 


you taught me to know this

to return to the soft bliss,

of being without you

not breathing in pain,


those words of disaster

strenuous to master,

full heavy words

expressing blankness,


these caused me to sink, 

forced me to think,

of love versus logic

my heart's new disdain,


i began to despise

in attempt to disguise,

my damaged bruised pride,

my poor broken heart,


It worked. 

I stopped thinking

About me with you,



you pulled me back in

once again to begin

our wonderful story,

Just to fall apart. 


yet the tables have turned

and now you're left to learn,

it is much easier to hate

than to love, and miss.

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